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The constantly shifting landscape of the medical and healthcare fields makes the business of setting up and running a clinic and medical practice ever more complex.  Medinex Specialist Centre’s team of consultants help our doctors by offering them valuable business insights and useful information to plan and grow their clinic and medical practices.

May 2024

Starting up your private medical practice and clinic in Singapore can be both exciting and challenging.  As you are planning to fulfill your vision of providing your unique brand of medical and healthcare service, there are things that you would like to take into consideration for a smooth clinic set up. 


We have highlighted 12 important things that should be on your ‘must-do’ list.

April 2023

One of the first things about setting up a medical clinic is about creating a brand for the clinic. Branding will inevitably bring to our mind making a logo for our business. In fact, this step of the process is so important that you should not neglect or be hasty – because a well-designed clinic logo is one of the best visual assets that you can have to communicate positive brand values to your audience and clients. 

September 2022

Financial management is the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of your clinic’s financial activities such as cash flow, procurement and use of funds.  In general, it involves applying management principles to financial resources to effectively manage your money and achieve your clinic’s and medical practice’s goals. 

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